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There are multifaceted artists, and then there’s Bellatrix. A spellbinding singer and instinctively expressive songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, a versatile performer and former world beatboxing champion, Bellatrix complements artistic wholeness with an inventive,

all-encompassing and hands-on creative vision that can’t help but resonate. 


Starting out as the first professional female beatboxer in the UK, Bellatrix - who now identifies as non-binary - has been a trailblazer in their field and is a fierce advocate for those who are under-represented in their communities. 

Bellatrix has since made their name as both a solo artist and a highly sought after collaborator, touring internationally and performing at many of the top festivals and venues across the world. 


Bellatrix is currently playing bass for Grammy nominated artist NAO, releasing and performing “avant-punk-pop” music as a solo artist, and hosting a monthly radio show on Soho Radio called “Goldenear”. 

More info coming soon! My website is currently being updated....

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